Welcome to R Communities, where our residents are the primary focus of everything we do. Pushing the boundaries of what it means to manage a ‘C’ class community, we are dedicated to service and ensuring that every resident receives the respect and treatment that we all deserve as humans, no matter where we choose to live.   We recognize and accept the challenge of ensuring consistency of service at this level and so we begin by honoring our own commitment to the people that have chosen to be a part of the ever growing R Communities team.

Individual growth and development fueled by a collaborative team environment and employee incentive make up the cornerstone of R Communities management approach. We place the highest value on the acquisition of knowledgeable, qualified and motivated individuals to work at every R Community. Easy access to professional training and coaching in conjunction with our drive for innovation showcase our belief that career advancement should be a priority for all of our team members. We strive to empower the lives of our employees so that they may in turn empower our residents to reaching their fullest potential.

While our business remains in the realm of people, it is process and our devotion to it that allows us to manage at the high standard that we do. Understanding the different preferred learning styles of our teams allows us to adapt our processes to accommodate both their individual and team needs. Embodying the idea that there is freedom in discipline has allowed our teams to raise the bar of expectations from a management, maintenance, leasing and service standpoint compared to our market and industry competitors.

So we welcome you once more to R Communities and invite you to be a part of our revolution in service. A revolution that stems from the simplest of concepts; we are all people and all people are deserving of a comfortable, enjoyable and peaceful place to call home.


R Communities Management Team