Community Management

R Communities is a property management company that is dedicated to building communities out of what were once just properties. This starts with cohesive understanding that our residents are always the number one priority of our management practices. This understanding is just one of many company values that have been adopted into all of our management processes. It is these same processes that allow us to train and develop each R Communities team, no matter their location, in a consistent manner making quality control and accountability easy for us to manage at the corporate level.

While process is the backbone of our management structure we have developed a company culture that encourages innovative thinking and rewards creative problem solving. As managers in an industry so heavily reliant upon technology, we trust it to support us but never allow it to dictate our vision. Pushing our teams to think outside the box and test the status quo when necessary we strive to be pioneers within the information technology world as it pertains to our management goals and our resident experience.

Office dynamics within R Communities no longer resemble those of our neighboring properties, but now paint a much more inviting picture of modern day, affordable living. This allows each visitor and guest to better envision themselves in their new home, as part of a community. It’s that same vision and ability to see potential where others have failed to that will continue to make R Communities management approach the most effective in the industry.