While much of R Communities approach to leasing is structured by process and dependent upon the characteristics of each community, the core of our success within leasing is the people we hire to be part of our teams. We never rush the hiring process when looking for the perfect individuals to fill out our leasing departments. Positive energy, a friendly personality and natural charisma make up each of the amazing team members that run R Communities leasing.

Each leasing specialist has been trained and coached on all of R Communities service standards and furthermore embody our company wide motto on leasing, which is that timely and honest communication are the only types of communication we provide. Understanding that not every apartment or community is the right fit for every prospective resident is the basis of our leasing strategy. We are not here to satisfy our own occupancy goals but rather to serve you as the prospect and assist you in any way possible with finding the best place for you to call home. R Communities leasing teams around the country conduct regular market surveys for the sole purpose of having more knowledge of the area to ensure they are qualified to help direct you to the best home for you. Competitive salaries driven by community success rather than individual have created a collaborative and inviting environment in every R Communities leasing office. Our goal in leasing is that you trust us first and if you choose to live with us as a result well then that’s just a bonus.