Investing in our communities extends beyond our empowering resident programs. We also believe in partnering with organizations like GRASPnp to ensure our residents have financial resources within their reach as well. Founded in 2013 in Denver, CO GRASPnp was created specifically to help low-to-mid-income renters who are struggling to make their rent payments each month. Their vision to prevent evictions by subsidizing rents for responsible, hard-working residents who, for whatever temporary reason (raised rent, health/medical issues, reduced income, etc.) cannot meet their monthly rent obligation fits perfectly with R Communities management approach.

Founder Travis Steffens knows through personal experience the devastation that is created on the lives of struggling tenants who have been evicted. As the owner of a real estate investment company and an investor himself, he also knows well the impact of evictions and vacancies on the owner’s bottom line. His organization GRASPnp is a visionary program made reality that helps both sides of the rental industry coin. R Communities is proud to partner with an organization that is just as dedicated as we are to the happiness and success of our residents.